Solo Exhibitions

1977 Ivanjica Gallery of the Cultural Center
1978 Novi Beograd House of Culture "Studeitski grad"
1978 Beograd Gallery Graficki kolektiv
1979 Beograd Gallery FLU, MA exhibition graphics
1980 Novi Sad Gallery "Tribina mladih", exhibition graphics
1983 Čačak Gallery "Nadezda Petrovic", prints, drawings, collages
1983 Apatin Gallery Meander, graphics
1984 Novi Sad Gallery "Tribina mladih", an exhibition of cardboard
1985 Beograd Gallery KNU, an exhibition of cardboard
1987 Bar Gallery "Velimir A. Leković", graphics
1987 Ulcinj Museum Ulcinj, graphics
1987 Tivat Indok Center - Gallery Tivat, graphics
1989 Pančevo Modern Gallery of the Center for Culture "Olga Petrov", cardboard
1990 Wangen A. Are Galerie W, Branka Jankovic, Slobodan Knezevic
1991 Titograd Art pavilion (cardboard, graphics)
1992 Apatin Meander Gallery, cardboard
1996 Novi Sad Gallery ULUV, new works
1999 Novi Sad Golden Eye Gallery, plates
2003 Novi Sad Museum of Contemporary Art, Works with Paper (1992 - 2003)
2003 Zrenjanin Modern gallery, drawings, prints, collages (selection from 1981 to 2003)
2006 Novi Sad Federation of Associations of Artists of Vojvodina, pictures
2007 Budimpešta Gallery IX, graphics
2007 Novi Sad Gallery MP, drawings from the army
2007 Novi Sad Art Clinic, drawings from the army
2008 Beograd (Rakovica) Gallery Qucera, acrylic on paper
2009 Beograd Gallery Graficki kolektiv, graphics, "Night brightness of the Danube"
2011 Čačak Art Gallery Nadezda Petrovic (Risimov legate), graphics (with Branko Kuzmanovic)
2011 Beograd Gallery Centar za grafiku, work with paper
2012 Novi Beograd Block Gallery, engraved drawings
2012 Budimpešta Serbian Cultural Center, the Days of Culture of Serbia, graphics



From Gallery "Books"

Kartoni 3

From Gallery "Hand-crafted cardboards 3"